Someday the puzzle that is Upstate New York will be insoluable because of its missing pieces.

Its days as the high road west are memorialized by its canalside towns' oversized hotels. Its career as a manufactory is remembered in red brick factories and the mansions of carpet or celluloid collar or glove moguls.

Click the thumbnail images to see these memorials before they disappear through demolition, fire, or even heavy snow.

The Leaning Tower of Gloversville.

July 13, 2011

Under the Eyes of the Eagle: Albany's Third Precinct Station House.

April 21, 2010



Falling Troy: A Book of the Dead

April 21, 2009

With thanks to Richard Herrick and Howard Ohlhous


Trial By Fire

One Sunday in May

The Fire at the Rensselaer Iron Works in Troy

Updated January 29, 2009


Lost Landmarks Albany NY Wellington Hotel

Backstairs at Albany's Wellington Hotel

July 18, 2008

Lost Landmarks Amsterdam NY Cornelia Flats

Postcards from "The Cornelia" in Amsterdam

With thanks to Jerry Snyder

January 14, 2007


Lost Landmarks Amsterdam NY Chalmers Mills

The Fall of the Chalmers Mills in Amsterdam

February 16, 2007


The Blaze at Maze's in Fonda

June 17, 2008



Lost Landmarks Troy NY Drugstore Wars

Drugstore Wars in Troy

Courtesy of Howard Ohlhous and Jim de Seve

March 31, 2008


Lost Landmarks TRoy NY Thomas Tavern

Last Call at Thomas' in Troy

April 10, 2005



Lost Landmarks Troy NY Drugstore Wars II

North Lake and Hoosick in Troy

Courtesy of Howard Ohlhous

March 31, 2008


Lost Landmarks Cohoes NY Silliman Memorial Church

The Silliman Memorial Church in Cohoes

Courtesy of Daniele Cherniak


Lost Landmarks Gloversville NY FJG Coalhouse

When "Coal Was King" in Gloversville

Courtesy of Gino DiCarlo



Lost Landmarks Amsterdam NY Healey's Park

Sunday at Healey's in Perth - With Epilogue

Courtesy of Jerry Snyder

February 18, 2008


Lost Landmarks Amsterdam NY Sanford Farms Horse Racing

The Hurricana Stock Farm

On the Backstretch

Racing at Sanford's in Amsterdam

Courtesy of Jerry Snyder

Lost Landmarks Schenectady NY Business Blocks

Business Blocks in Schenectady

September 21, 2006

Courtesy of Howard Ohlhous

Rolling Down River: 100 Years in Downtown Troy

June 12, 2006

Courtesy of Howard Ohlhous


Lost Landmarks Ghost Signs

Ghost Sign Gallery

"Uneeda Biscuit"

UPDATED: March 4, 2008

Sacandaga Park: Atlantis of the Adirondacks

Updated: August 29, 2008

Lost Landmarks Amsterdam NY Kellogg's Linseed Oil Mill

Kelloggs & Miller Linseed Oil Mills in Amsterdam

Courtesy of Jerry Snyder





Lost Landmarks Fonda NY Downtown Hotel

"It's The Same Way Up At Fonda"




Lost Landmarks Glens Falls NY Motel Demolished

Checkout Time in Lake George Village

July 21, 2006



Old Homesteads

UPDATED: July 16, 2004


Lost Landmarks Troy NY Riverside Club Freihofer's demolition

Save the Riverside Club and Freihofer Bakery in Troy!



Lost Landmarks Northville NY Lehman House demolished

The Lehman House in Northville




Lost Landmarks Fonda NY Old St. Cecilia's Church

Old Saint Cecilia's Church in Fonda


Lost Landmarks NY Demolition

"15 Miles on the Erie Canal"


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